Becoming a partner

Our objective is to reach a “win/win” agreement for expansion of our joint activities.

For you: New customers, thus increasing your sales
For us: A partnership with a true professional in its field, which we can recommend to our members with the assurance that they will have the benefit of a high-quality service.

We invite you to return the partnership agreement, indicating therein your commission proposal for PREMIUM (generally 15%), as well as any “advantages” you might be in a position to give our members.

We would also appreciate your transmitting (to your prices and operating procedures.
We remain at your disposal for any additional information you may need.


Hereinafter referred to as the « Partner and/or Service Provider »
The party of the second part


PREMIUM CONCIERGERIE is a simplified stock corporation with capital of € 50,000, registered in the PARIS Registry of Trade and Companies under provisional number 809 522 659, which has its head office at 10 place Vendôme – 75001 PARIS.
PREMIUM CONCIERGERIE acts mainly as an intermediary in relationships between its users (hereinafter referred to as « the Members » or, in the singular form, « the Member ») and their partners for products or providers of services.
The Member will be put in contact with providers of services. It is up to the Member to consult their General Terms and Conditions of Use and to expressly accept them

ARTICLE 1 : Purpose

The purpose of this agreement is to define the terms and conditions pursuant to which the Partner commits to carry out the assignments described in article 2, in order to ensure the execution of orders placed by Members of PREMIUM CONCIERGERIE and, hence, to facilitate the marketing of PREMIUM CONCIERGERIE products and services.

ARTICLE 2 : Partner’s commitments

  • Extend every effort to give priority to the requests from PREMIUM CONCIERGERIE or its direct members (drawing up of price quotations, processing and execution of orders, responses to various questions, etc.). A maximum of 24 hours is the required time within which to meet our requests or those of our members.
  • The partner hereby commits to comply with all of the articles hereinafter.
  • In consideration of the referral of customers through PREMIUM CONCIERGERIE, a commission of X% on pre-tax sales shall be paid to PREMIUM CONCIERGERIE.
  • At the end of each month, the Partner shall transmit to PREMIUM CONCIERGERIE a detailed account of sales it has directly (or indirectly) realized with customers provided by PREMIUM CONCIERGERIE. Upon receipt thereof, PREMIUM CONCIERGERIE shall issue an invoice for the corresponding commissions. The Partner agrees to pay this invoice within eight days.

ARTICLE 3 : Duration

This agreement is concluded for an unspecified duration. In the event that the Partner or PREMIUM CONCIERGERIE fails to comply with any of its terms, the 2 parties reserve the right to terminate it without advance notice.

ARTICLE 4 : Remuneration

In consideration of services resulting in the placement of an order for which the Partner has been fully paid, the Partner agrees to pay the business provider a commission pursuant to the terms specified in article 2.

The right to a commission arises upon the Partner’s acceptance of a firm and definitive order for Products (or services). The commission is due and payable only upon full and effective payment of the price agreed upon between the Partner and the Member.

ARTICLE 5 : Exclusivity; Nature de the relationship between the parties

The parties agree that this agreement does not confer any exclusivity on the Partner with respect to its assignment, whether in terms of products, territory or business. The Partner remains completely free to commission, at any time and pursuant to any terms and conditions, any other natural person or legal entity for purposes that are identical or similar to this agreement.

PREMIUM CONCIERGERIE has complete control over its relationship with the Member, and, at its sole discretion, decides whether or not to contract therewith. Only PREMIUM CONCIERGERIE defines the commercial offer that it intends to make to the Member.

ARTICLE 6 : Confidentiality

Throughout the duration that this agreement is in effect, and for 6 months after its expiration or termination for any reason whatsoever, the parties are prohibited from directly or indirectly using, transferring or disclosing any information or business secrets that might have been brought to their attention, or of which they become aware during execution of this agreement, particularly information related to the Members, technical and commercial components of Services, composition of prices, and remuneration of the business provider.

The parties agree to take all necessary measures to keep said information and samples confidential and to impose on their employees the same obligation.

ARTICLE 7 – Termination

This agreement is concluded intuitu personae. Therefore, the Partner’s death or incapacity, or the partner company’s conversion, merger or disappearance, will automatically put an end to the agreement.

ARTICLE 8 – Disputes – Designation of domicile

The parties designate domicile at their respective head offices.
This agreement is governed by the applicable French laws and regulations. Any dispute that might arise regarding this agreement shall be submitted to the Paris courts.