Premium Conciergerie supports the clients of the most prestigious companies in the luxury sector. With impeccable training in the codes of the luxury and ultra-luxury sectors, our concierges can manage the most demanding requests by employing the know-how and meticulousness for which we are renowned.
Premium Conciergerie also assists you in managing and organising your ad-hoc events by assigning a specific team to take care of your VIPS and your staff members during a shoot, a fashion-week or a conference.

Very Important Client Care

Your VICs belong to an elite group of privileged clients. At this level, they expect a seamless, impeccable and above all frictionless service. Our concierges, together with our specialised consultants and our network of partners, are trained to meet these challenges by delivering an exceptional level of excellence.
Premium Corporate offers a level of service that is truly unique. Each request is handled in no more than 5 minutes, we advance all your committed expenses for all our services and we manage all the logistics in order to free up our members from any possible constraint, starting with the most important one of all: time.


There are many reasons why our services outshine those of others, but here you can learn why we are different.

More than just a concierge service, we offer your clients a Premium concierge service

Jeremy VossePremium Conciergerie C.E.O.


V.I.C Care

Select your eligible clients, then choose the service level which you would like to offer them from our two packages.
We will then manage all their requests in accordance with the Premium Concierge specifications.

Marque Blanche

Purchase the number of memberships corresponding to however many of your VIPs are eligible for the service, we then create personalised cards in your graphic style, and manage the services in your name according to your recommendations in total confidentiality.


Premium Conciergerie provides a Premium service during your events. Fashion weeks, show rooms, press trips, etc.
You receive the same level of services as our annual members. Your VIPs will enjoy a perfect, seamless service.

Private Concierge Service

Your clients and your talented staff will enjoy a premium concierge service that is one of a kind.

2 packages

  1. The Premium Black card, with 24/7 service availability, a dedicated concierge and the opportunity to enjoy exclusive invitations.
  2. The Infinite Premium card offers service availability 6 days a week from 9 am to 11 pm.

Extended service

Whichever package you choose, the Premium card enables the member and the person of their choice to contact us.

Unlimited requests

Regardless of the package chosen, each member can contact Premium Conciergerie as many times as they wish.

Added value

Offer true service to your clients

Build loyalty

By offering your clients a private concierge service, you enhance brand value and encourage engagement

Handling VIP requests

We treat your clients’ requests the same way as those of our own members. They therefore enjoy a premium, personalised support at all times.

Your brand

We highlight your brand, use your language style and your identity.

Peace of mind

You will have nothing to worry about when you welcome your VIPS, we will take care of everything.

Premium Service

Even in the context of an ad-hoc event, we use exactly the same resources as for our annual members.

A premium concierge service, for premium VIPs.

24 hours a day

Your VIPs can contact us at any time, there is no service interruption.

Advanced expenses

Your VIPs do not pay for the services on a case by case basis but are re-invoiced after the event.