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Address : 10 Place Vendôme, 75001 Paris
Telephone : +33 1 70 37 59 00
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F.A.Q. Premium Conciergerie

How can I become a member?

Whether you want an individual, corporate or football subscription, in each corresponding page and in the “offers” section a button redirects you to the contact page where a form allows you to contact us. You can also contact us by email at: or call us at

What happens after I pay my membership fee?

When your payment is registered, you will first be contacted by one of our concierges by email, in order to arrange a telephone appointment to get to know you better (an appointment at your office or at your home for the Premium Black subscription will be arranged).

During this telephone interview (or face to face), we will offer to answer a questionnaire so that we can anticipate your expectations and know your tastes.

Your Premium Concierge card and the invoice will then be sent to you by post.

What services are included in my membership to Premium Conciergerie?

According to your choice, you can ask your concierge by mail or telephone without limit:

– 24/7 for the Premium Black subscription
– from 9am to 11pm – 6d/7 for the Premium Infinite subscription.

Only one limit in your requests (which are unlimited): respect the different legislations.

For all the subscriptions offered by Premium Conciergerie are included all the services related to the advice, reservation and organization of your requests.

The services requested are then invoiced by the service provider you have chosen.

You will also benefit from our Premium Concierge e-newsletters which are adapted to your leisure activities and/or interests and you will also discover our exclusive addresses and good deals. In addition, you will receive personalized invitations according to your interests (private sales, events, parties,…).

Why should I become a member of Premium Conciergerie?

Premium Conciergerie is a tool at the service of your quality of life. Premium Conciergerie gives you access to an unlimited service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (depending on the subscription chosen) to answer all your requests. Premium Conciergerie will take care of your daily life for you, saving you time and improving your quality of life.

Our referencing requirements of the selected service providers and partners ensure you a quality of service in accordance with our commitments. Our regular negotiations allow you to benefit from the best prices and personalized advantages. In a few months, your subscription is profitable.

What are the advantages of Premium Conciergerie?

Premium Conciergerie has built a network of quality service providers and partners to enable you to have the best services at the best prices at all times. This network will allow you to regularly receive personalized invitations, good tips and good addresses to enjoy your outings and evenings.

Premium Conciergerie undertakes to negotiate with its service providers and partners to negotiate advantages and offers in order to offer you the best services.

How do I contact my concierge?

The simplest way: as soon as your account is activated, you will receive a telephone number to contact your concierge directly. We then create a group with your assigned concierges via the Whatsapp application, in which you can make all your requests to us.

What happens if my concierge cannot fulfil a specific request?

Premium Conciergerie is committed to implementing all the necessary means to respond to its members. In the event that a request cannot be met, your concierge will submit various proposals to suggest alternative solutions.

Are there any requests that Premium Conciergerie is not able to provide?

YES, the only limits are those relating to the different legislations.

Is the membership to Premium Conciergerie individual?

NO, The subscription to Premium Concierge services is a “couple” subscription.

The subscriber and his/her spouse are the beneficiaries of the subscription. Moreover, the requests you make may concern several people: concert tickets for 4 people, table reservations for 8 people, organization of family holidays, organization of a wedding for 200 guests…

Does my membership have a minimum duration?

YES, the subscription to Premium Conciergerie is for a minimum period of one year (excluding the Premium Paris card, reserved for non-French residents).

What happens if I have a last-minute request?

Premium Conciergerie is committed to respond to them but apart from requests for reservations, organization, entertainment, … For requests of daily life (coach, spa, baby sitter, plumber, locksmith, …), Premium Conciergerie will find the solution even for last minute requests.

Am I entitled to my own concierge?

Your subscription gives you access to all the services and concierges of Premium Conciergerie.

Your requests will be treated as a priority by a designated concierge and in the event of unavailability, you will be put in contact with another concierge who will have instant access to your files.

For certain complex files or at your express request, a single concierge can take charge of processing your entire request.

Premium Black cardholders have access to a designated concierge.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, in accordance with article L121-20 of the consumer code (modified by the Hamon law of 2014), you have fourteen (14) clear days, from the day after the confirmation of membership, to exercise your right of withdrawal by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt.

You also have the possibility to cancel your subscription before the annual renewal by indicating this to your concierge 1 month before the end of the anniversary date of your subscription. All you have to do is send us your cancellation request by registered letter. For more information, please consult our General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Can I gift a membership?

YES. You can offer a subscription by sending an email to or by phone at

What happens at the end of the year?

Premium Concierge membership is tacitly renewable for one more year on each anniversary date of your subscription. To cancel your subscription after one year, simply send a registered letter one month before the anniversary date informing us of your wish to cancel.