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Since its creation in 2015, Premium Conciergerie has often been in the spotlight. Interviews, portraits, testimonials, you will find below some of our publications in the national written press, both general public and professional. We have also selected some interviews and video and audio portraits of Premium Conciergerie, our services and our C.E.O. Jérémy Vosse.

The trust of our clients, the perfectionism of our concierges and the unique relationships we have with our partners around the world are praised by the media, and we wanted to share this trust with you.

Do not hesitate to consult them to discover a little more about our universe, our expertise and unique know-how.

Press & interviews

Discover all the publications dedicated to our concierge service.

Premium Concierge customers are used to asking the impossible.

Jeremy Vosse: "Containment has forced us to say 'no' to our customers for the first time."

Premium Conciergerie has opened the doors of the highly prized Virtuoso network.

For the past three years, this luxury concierge has been seducing VIPs. Jeremy Vosse's promise: to answer all their requests in five minutes.

Premium Conciergerie integrates the Virtuoso network.

A real sesame for the clients of Jérémy Vosse and his teams who will be treated royally in the most luxurious places on the planet.

How Luxury Conciergeries have adapted to the health crisis

Has confinement forced the luxury concierges, those who fulfil even the craziest wishes of their clients, out of business? Quite the opposite.

How luxury concierges deal with the crisis with their clients.

Far from interrupting their activities, the Covid-19 crisis gives them almost more work than usual! Jeremy Vosse, its founder, tells us about it.

Jeremy Vosse, the man football players love.

At the head of a high-end concierge firm, Jeremy Vosse satisfies the needs and fulfils the wildest desires of the stars of the game.

Premium Concierge service for footballers in confinement.

In the midst of a coronavirus epidemic, Jérémy Vosse, founder of Premium Conciergerie, continues to meet the demands of...

Close to the athletes with Premium Concierge.

Jeremy Vosse recounts how he and his teams are adapting to the confinement period, while still caring about the athletes.

Caretakers keep "a very important place" during containment.

Forced to confine themselves like the rest of the French, high-end customers still have recourse to private concierges.

How the coronavirus has shaken up the habits of pro football players.

Specialized in the personal assistance of individuals, Premium Conciergerie had to adapt its services due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The evolution of the richest people's demands on their concierge service.

As a result of confinement, travel is impossible, luxury clothing stores are usually closed, ...

Coronavirus: eggs, board games... the demands of footballers in confinement

Reclusive in their homes, elite athletes call on concierge services to find what they need to pass the time?

Premium Conciergerie sees the doors of the highly rated Virtuoso network open.

Premium Conciergerie has managed, in just a few years, to position itself among the leaders in its category.

The first Virtuoso member concierge in France.

Premium Conciergerie joins the very closed circle of Virtuoso travel agencies in France.

Premium Conciergerie recounts the sportsmen's purchases during confinement.

In times of confinement, top-level sportsmen and women call on Premium Conciergerie for much more pragmatic purchases.

Coronavirus and containment: star concierge forced to adapt.

Celebrities too are confined and can call upon Premium Concierge to satisfy their desires, within the limits of the law.

Concierge companies adapt to the demands of their wealthy clients.

The company Premium Conciergerie responds at any time, to all the requests of its most fortunate clients.

Coronavirus: from the exception to the rules.

The current period of confinement has forced the football stars to adapt to a secluded daily life...

Luxury concierge service Premium in the time of confinement.

As a result of Covid19, Jérémy Vosse, owner of Premium Conciergerie, has had to adapt his services to the demands of his clients.

Lockdown with Premium Conciergerie : the craziest whims of elite athletes.

The concierge service, which is dedicated to fulfilling the wishes of its clients, found itself with a few crazy requests.

Ligue 1: The extravagant desires of footballers during the Coronavirus era.

Premium Conciergerie has shared with us some of the most extravagant requests from quarantined players.

Premium Conciergerie has swapped luxury stores for food stores.

Premium Conciergerie responds to the wishes of its clients, many of whom are footballers at the top of the French hierarchy.

Concierge service: What do confined footballers want ?

Necessities, video games... But what do footballers currently confined to the four corners of the world ask for?

Premium Conciergerie expands its panel of members.

Premium Conciergerie has been able to attract personalities from the world of football, cinema, corporate...

Phenomenon: Paris at the time of the super-rich.

We have to be able to respond to all of our clients' requests, however extravagant they may be, in a matter of minutes.

Premium Conciergerie, the ultimate services of Jérémy Vosse

Premium Conciergerie opens a new eye on the service sector. Big enough to be named first in the high-end segment in France.

Haute Conciergerie, the excellence signed Vosse.

24/7 availability and a systematic cash advance on all purchases, reservations...

Premium Conciergerie pampers 400 VIPs.

In less than five years, the company has attracted several hundred players and artists thanks to a network of partners...

Luxury concierges: assisted football players.

To make their lives easier, football stars have handed over the keys to their private lives to luxury concierges.

The first Conciergerie dedicated to ultra luxury.

A know-how developed in particular with the greatest European football players...

Football stars can no longer do without his services.

For the past three years, this luxury concierge has been seducing VIPs. Jeremy Vosse's promise: to answer all their requests in five minutes.

Label Company of the day : Premium Concierge

Premium Conciergerie is at the disposal of VIPs who are in a hurry and very demanding.

The appointment of luxury: Premium Conciergerie.

Premium Conciergerie is a little bit the opposite of John Paul ... A positioning on the ultra luxury, football players, actors and major luxury brands.