The world of professional football obeys one specific code. Players, agents and clubs have sometimes divergent, sometimes convergent requirements, not to mention intense excitement and emotions that accompany results, transfers and all the occasions which make football the most popular sport in the world and where players take centre stage.
By factoring in all these characteristics, we have created the Premium Football Club, the first concierge service dedicated to professional football.


Football is a wonderful sport. Agents, clubs and above all footballers showcase the sport. The Premium Football Club, as a private concierge service devoted to the world of football, has the huge responsibility of satisfying the needs of its members and helping them in managing their daily lives.
This is the reason why we take very great care of our footballers by providing them with ongoing advice and support to ensure that their aura is always spotless.



By opting for the mobile, and notably messaging systems, we have the capacity to respond to each request almost in real time. This ease in communications makes it possible to manage multiple requests, transfer information to our consultants and secure all communications thanks to our secure, encrypted, server. Our database and the prodigious memory of our concierges means your past interactions with us are never lost.


Between training, travel, transfers and the duties that come with your job, you have to optimise your time and be sure that your requests are comprehensively handled, from start to finish. Our concierges manage all your requests and work ceaselessly until your requests have been completed in full, and you are entirely and perfectly satisfied with the result.


Our concierges are here to provide you with the best answer to any of your requests, in record time. As a member of the Premium Football Club, you can contact us night or day, on Sundays and on public holidays. We're buying time to save you time. Each time you pick up your mobile to contact us, a concierge will be ready and available for you at the other end.


For us, proximity is not an idle word. Our concierges are by your side at every change that you may encounter in your career as a professional footballer. We organise your removal service when you are transferred along with the related logistics. We also help your families and friends attend matches and organise your holidays and those of your loved ones, anywhere in the world.

Professional football is subject to codes and demands that we understand perfectly.

Jeremy VosseC.E.O. of Premium Conciergerie


We have membership packages tailored to your needs.

The Premium Conciergerie membership cards are valid both for you, as the member and the person of your choice.


When you become a member of Premium FC, the world of premium concierge services opens its doors to you. You will be aided by true professionals who have one sole objective, to satisfy your needs.

However, beyond this requirement, we will support you at every moment and in every circumstance so that we delight and amaze you and are above all able meet your needs anywhere and at any time.

Permanent availability

We are available 24/7.

Dedicated concierge

We will provide you with a dedicated concierge who will provide you with efficient support for as long as you are a member.

Deferred payments

Premium Football Club advances all the costs for your services in order to speed up service delivery. You will be invoiced once they are completed.

Exclusive invitations

As member of the Premium Football Club, you are regularly invited to private and exclusive events.


Through our in-depth knowledge of professional football, we understand your requirements and your pace of life; this therefore enhances our efficiency when handling your requests.

5 minutes

Backed by our powerful software tools and our organisation, we are able to acknowledge receipt of your requests within 5 minutes. This unprecedented responsiveness is truly unique, and guarantees you peace of mind.