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The world of professional football abides by a specific code. Players, agents and clubs have imperatives, sometimes diverging, sometimes converging, to which are added highpoints and intense moments over results, transfers and all the other times that make football the most popular sport in the world and in which the players have a key role.


Football is a wonderful sport. Agents. Clubs and above all, footballers, are the shop window of the game. The Premium Football Club as a private conciergerie dedicated to the world of football has the great responsibility of satisfying its members and helping them day in, day out.



By opting for mobile and message servers in particular, we have the ability to react to each request virtually in real time. This ease of communication allows us to handle multiple requests, to pass the details on to our consultants and keep all communication secure through our encrypted and secure server. Our data base and the memories of our concierges are the protectors of your record.


Between training, travel, change-overs and all the other tasks inherent to your job, you have to make best use of your time and be sure that your requests are all covered, from start to finish. Our concierges handle, anticipate and supervise all your needs until they have been met in full and until you are totally and thoroughly satisfied with the service provided.


Our concierges are there to bring you the best response to no matter what request – and in record time. As a member of Premium Football Club, you can call upon us day or night ,including Sundays and Public Holidays. We make the time so that you can save it. Every time you pick up your mobile to contact us, we have a concierge on duty.


For us being close at hand is not an empty promise. Our concierges support you every step of the way and through every change that a professional footballer may encounter in the course of his career. We organise moves when transfers take place and the associated logistics. We also help your family and friends to attend matches, we organise holidays for you and your loved ones all over the world.

“Professional football has its own codes and imperatives that we fully understand”

Jeremy Vosse, Premium Conciergerie


“Crazy demands? Sometimes. But this is our job: Facilitator of Life and Wishes.”


“Premium Conciergerie is a bit like the complete opposite of John Paul…”


“We are very largely inspired by what once used to happen in grand French houses »

LABEL ENTREPRISE, Raphaëlle Duchemin

“For the last three years Premium Conciergerie has been attracting top VIPs.”



We offer the package to suit your needs.

Premium Conciergerie membership cards are valid for the holder and the person of his/her choice

€4,800 p.a. inc.

Becoming a member of Premium Football Club is to enter the world of haute conciergerie. You will be supported by true professionals who have only one objective: to ensure you are satisfied. But over and above this imperative, we support you at every moment, no matter what the circumstances, to delight you, amaze you and above all to serve your interests, all the time.

We are at your service 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

We make a dedicated concierge available to you who will be there to provide efficient support to you throughout your membership.

Pemium Football Club advances all the costs of services provided in order to ensure they are handled more quickly. You are invoiced when the service has been completed.

As a member of Premium Football Club you ae regularly invited to private and exclusive events.

Our in-depth knowledge of professional football means that we understand your imperatives and pace and so deal with your requests more efficiently.

Because our organisation is supported by effective tools, we acknowledge receipt of your requests within 5 minutes. This unprecedented speed of response offers peace of mind that is unique of its kind.